Welcome to my Remote Control Tank Hobby web site. Up and running for over fifteen years now. Originally it was just “tankhobby” but my sole focus for last several years has been on remote control tanks so I added the “RC” component -

The 1/16 scale is strong with many options from Tamiya, Hen Long and Imex (and others) that offer many models from WWII to modern era tanks. You can choose between Airsoft models that shoot the plastic BBs or infrared combat types that can battle between each other.

The 1/24 scale market has also grown a bit over that last few years and unfortunately shrank a bit. The Forces of Valor series has gone under and they are no longer available. Fortunately Imex has resurrected the series under the Waltersons brand but I don’t believe the infrared combat capabilities are compatible. That is unfortunate.

There are some 1/72 tanks available that can do infrared combat and they make for great indoor fun in that the cost is low and the size is small.

No relation to the Facebook group RC TANK HOBBY

Different RCTANK scales click video >


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