canon 161

Franklin Mint M4A3E8 chassis with motor fitted. Unfortunately the tracks are weak and since it’s a die cast body and heavy I had to drop this. I did use the T23 turret for another project. Modifying the Vs Tank 105mm Sherman to a 76mm M4A3, see “VS to FOV” on the left.


Vantex 1/6 scale Sherman, electric. Runs on two 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries, all metal tracks, turret rotation and gun elevation. I switched the turret & gun controls from the factory designed lever switches to electronic control. I also had to do some repair work on the transmission. One sprocket had to have the set screw tightened and there was some play on one of the control shafts. Click on “1/6 Sherman” to the left to read more.

Welcome to my Remote Control Tank Hobby web site. I’ve had it going over fifteen years now and I hope to be updating more often than I have in the past. Originally it was just “tankhobby” but my sole focus for last few years has been on remote control tanks so I added the “RC” component -

A lot of great stuff has been made available the last few years for Remote Control tanks with infrared combat. Not only in 1/16 scale but now a generous selection from two other companies, VS Tank and FOV (Forces of Valor or Unimax) with products available in 1/24 scale. Tamiya is also supplying newer 1/35 scale RC models with infrared combat capabilities. Some 1/72 scale products are available however these are not as functional as the larger scales, but can still be fun.

I’ve done a lot with the Tamiya infrared battle system and now I’m working with the FOV Battle Beam system. What I like about the FOV system is that it has team selection where the Tamiya system only has one infrared signal used for combat therefore fratricide is common in team play if you’re not careful.

Of course there’s more to RC tanks than just infrared combat, like just running the models and also paint ball combat. I’m having a great time driving my 1/6 scale Vantex Sherman around, the tank is huge!

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