Here are some samples of projects other hobbyist have created, using tankhobby products.

JC_88mmatThis is the Denix die cast 88mm that is modified with the battle circuit. The picture is from JC in Canada. It is controlled by a player and has traverse and fire controls. The fire rate is three seconds with two hits disabling it. The flash LED is in the barrel, the infrared LED is mounted in the top recoil absorber. Inside the destroyed house is the circuitry, audio amp and speaker. They have two of these in their club.


Here is a photo I received from Gregg E. ('Panther G' on RCU forum), he installed the Denix 88mm gun with Nick's Battle System 002battle circuit in his Denix 88 and uses servos for gun control. Looks like someone took a shot at it with an airsoft tank, there's a red pellet on the ground near the gun.


Canon_camera 059


Wiring diagram for this project

Here is a 21st Century Pak40 that has been modified with the battle circuit, recoil board (see “Products” page) and an ultrasonic motion detection kit. When the ultrasonic kit detects motion the gun fires, hopefully scoring a hit on the moving tank. A micro servo has been installed to act as a recoil for the gun and the ultrasonic kit has been put in a separate box for postioning so that it can be placed in the best spot for detection.

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