The products listed here were designed for one or more of my projects or for someone else. I make these available since I feel others would need the same things I did. If you are familiar with electronics you will notice the boards are not silkscreened or solder masked, this is for cost savings as the circuit boards are usually the most expensive component. I do conformal coat the boards at an appropriate point after assembly.

If interested please mail me with request and I will get back with shipping cost and time estimate. I have a few more items that are near completion that should appear here soon.

In the event of necessary board repair simply mail it back to me, in most cases a repair charge is $10.00 unless there is extensive damage. In that case I will contact you before proceeding. Everything is tested before I ship it out but it appears that something does not work out of box email me and please provide as much information on the problem as possible.

Battle Circuit

Click here for instructions

Designed for interaction with the Tamiya infrared battle system. Of course if you have two or more of these they will work with each other.

  • Selectable firing rate; 2, 3, 5 or 9 seconds between shots
  • Select number of hits before disabled; 2,3, 5 or 9
  • Four LEDs for hit detection (stay lit when disabled)
  • White gun flash LED for mounting in gun barrel
  • Reset pushbutton
  • Connections for additional interfacing; relay, sound module - email for additional information on availability of these additions.




Infrared Target T1

Click here for instructions

  • 9 volt battery holder acts as a base to keep it upright.
  • When fired upon two LEDs flash for a few seconds.
  • Relay included to trigger other devices (sound module for sound).
  • Use these as practice targets or as objectives in a game.
  • Includes terminal block for connecting other devices.



Video with VS tanks

tankhobby 013


Infrared Target T2

Click here for instructions


  • Will count hits from 1 through 9, sets relay when count is reached.
  • Sound module included for explosion sound when hit with ability to record your own.
  • Detector and flash LEDs connect through cable assembly for separate mounting.
  • Relay has normally open & normally closed contacts.
  • DC output activates when hit, time adjustable from approximately 5 - 15 seconds.

A speaker is required for sound but not included.


Target_counter 002


Recoil Board

Click here for instructions

Use to simulate recoil of a cannon. Connect between a servo and the battle circuit. When the battle circuit fires a servo will recreate the action of a gun recoil. Contains a five volt low dropout regulator for the servo.

This can also be used for other applications. There are three connections, power, ground and trigger. When the trigger wire is pulsed high the servo will activate. (Servo not included)

$ 27.00






IR Indicator

Click here for instructions

LED illuminates when a modulated infrared signal is detected. The different battle systems all use a modulated infrared signal, although on different frequencies and protocols this will easily detect the Tamiya, Henlong, Vs Tank and Forces of Valor.

Requires a DC voltage 9 volts or larger and has four mounting holes. Great item to check for an infrared signal. This can also be used to test for interference, by holding it up to a fluorescent light, the LED will flash if there is a high infrared signal source that may present a problem. Likewise it will flash if other infrared sources are present.

$ 15.00



In development:

FOV Combat - designed to interact with the Forces of Valor “Battle Beam” combat system. The picture here is the first prototype that needs  few design changes and is also missing the connectors.

Roaming tank - using infrared sensors this will control a “target tank” to self navigate around a properly prepared battlefield. Add a target to score hits. Five sensors will monitor its forward progress and steer it away from collisions. The sensors will need to be mounted correctly in front to properly detect obstacles, also the terrain must be set up to accommodate the sensor configuration to allow the system to work properly.

hobby 025
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